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  • Date is exactly "1915-11-02"

Wilson acknowledges a letter sent to him by Addams and others concerning neutrality.

Lewis conveys her hope to see Addams in person soon and asks for clarification on several subjects including a letter in her possession.

Freeman writes to Addams hoping to learn more about Addams' views on women's' roles within the peace movement to pass on to her club.

Hyers writes to Cory for Addams, explaining that Cory should expect the arrival important literature, like copies of the Manifesto.

Addams notifies Wales that she is sending a copy of The International Review to her and it is relevant to Wales' interest in a bulletin.

Addams writes to Sheehy Skeffington about representation, particularly for women and Ireland, within the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Addams sends an additional copy of the minutes from the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace meeting.