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  • Date is exactly "1915-08-02"

Cedarville Village Council resolves to name an annual Jane Addams Day, if Addams approves.

Daugaard tells Addams that the Danish organization set up to work with the International Congress of Women is disbanding but that they will continue working for peace in concert with other Scandinavian countries.

Daugaard informs Addams that the Danish peace committee associated with the International Congress of Women is dissolving, and they are setting up a new group to work with the ICWPP.

Kellogg tells Addams that Emily Green Balch has returned from Europe and discusses arranging a meeting to discuss their resolution.

A report of the work of the International Congress of Women and their plans to move forward by planning a conference of neutral nations to start negotiations to end World War I.

Addams clarifies fact from rumor with regard to stories about her meeting with Woodrow Wilson.

The clipping details the creation of the League to Enforce Peace, which William Hard used as a source in his article for Everybody's Magazine.