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  • Date is exactly "1915-05-21"

Norton promises to send Addams the table of contents that Hallowes sent and provides advice on locating a publisher.

Legien tells Bohm about German workers' support for efforts to end the war.

Südekum tells Addams that either the German Chancellor or Secretary of the State will meet with her the next day.

While in Berlin to present peace resolutions, Addams comments that though the world is war-crazy, she expects the United States to remain neutral.

Addams, along with Aletta Jacobs and Alice Hamilton, walk in Berlin with the Brandenburg Gate in the background. Addams briefly shakes hands with filmmaker Wilbur H. Durborough and continues towards the camera. The silent film is a 12-second excerpt from Durborough's documentary On the Firing Line with the Germans, released in 1916.