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  • Date is exactly "1914-12-28"

Schoff will not be able to attend the meeting in Washington, but will try to send an substitute.

Duryea congratulates Addams on her peace work and plans to attend the upcoming peace meeting.

Addams invites the recipients to a National Peace Conference of Women, in Washington, where she hopes to organize a national women-led peace committee.

Addams explains the Washington peace meeting, and asks if Brown can send women to represent the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Addams appoints Raymond Robins to serve as her proxy at the National Progressive Party Executive Committee meeting.

Kellor discusses the possible disbanding of the Progressive Service and asks Addams to give her proxy vote to Raymond Robins.

Addams asks Robins to use her proxy vote at the upcoming Progressive Party Executive Committee meeting, and asks him to deliver her resignation as well.

Addams discusses the idea of forming a National Peace Committee of Women that would consist of various smaller organizations that fit the criteria uniting for a common cause.

Addams asks Mead to present her "Appeal of the Women" at the upcoming meeting in Washington, and notes that suffrage needs to be pushed as a key issue there.

Addams invites McIlvain to the "Old Settlers' Party" at the Hull-House on New Years day and asks for names of older residents that ould speak about its history.

Addams has been trying to sell family farmland for six years without any buyers. She also recently saw Marcet Haldeman.

Addams reminds Blaine to send her contribution to Hull-House before January 1, to help them correct poor finances.