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Wald describes the efforts she and others are making to defend Addams against attacks regarding her Carnegie Hall speech.

Wald sends Addams a report (not found) summarizing what she feels was Addams' idea, and asks her to correct and return it.

Wald discuss news of the Russian Civil War with Addams.

Wald asks Addams to meet about prohibition before she leaves for Europe.

Wald congratulates Addams for Peace and Bread in Time of War and hopes to see her soon.

Wald declines Addams's invitation to the International Congress of Women due to the press of responsibilities.

Wald writes Addams about efforts to communicate with Germany and Austria about charges against Alice Masaryk.

Wald declines Addams's invitation to join the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

Wald explains her resignation from the American Union and expectations for the future after the recent granting of suffrage to women in New York State.

Wald hopes to see Addams in Washington and to attend the Irish Commission hearings. She also comments on John Galsworthy's Mob.

Wald updates Addams on preparation for her arrival in November.

Wald tells Addams that she has resigned from the American Union.

Wald informs Addams about a settlement that has a spare boarding room that Marcet Haldeman could rent.

Wald sends Smith a letter by Owen Reed Lovejoy and suggests offering him support; she also discusses a summer home and her recent birthday.

Wald has been asked to speak at Vassar College in place of Addams.

Wald provides a list of people that she and Albert Kennedy though could be members of the Barnett Memorial Fellowship Committee

Bondfield and Wald send Addams congratulations for her work for the Civic Dinner.

Wald's secretary tells Addams that Clara Sheridan coming to Chicago to speak on Russian relief efforts.
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Addams, Kellogg, and Wald argue the many reasons why World War One is destroying society, and detail how it is robbing a generation of its people and future. They also argue that the global community has the power to stop this war and prevent other wars.

Conklin telegrams Addams to let her know that Wald was in Boston, and did not get Addams' letter.