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An eight-page pamphlet summarizing Roosevelt's political record on labor.

Produced to appeal to woman voters, this Progressive Party pamphlet includes Jane Addams' nomination speech, a letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Addams, the party plank on equal suffrage, and the party's plans for democratic rule and social and industrial justice.

Announcement of a "Jane Addams Meeting" in support of Theodore Roosevelt and Hiram Johnson, with lyrics to a campaign song sung to the tune of "Onward Christian Soldiers."

A proposed resolution setting out the rules regarding the recording of committee meetings.

The proposed plan to create an organizational structure and agenda for the Progressive Party's work in education.

Leaders of the Progressive Party created an organizational structure of bureaus and committees to continue the work of the party after the election.

The National Progressive Party plans for the involvement of women after a conference.

Announcement for Jane Addams' speech for the Progressive Party in Chicago.

Kellor sends Addams a statement from Ida Harper attacking Theodore Roosevelt, and asks her to write a response.

A report of the efforts of women across the country to promote the Progressive Party in their communities.
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