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Post reviews potential speakers for the upcoming Woman's Peace Party annual meeting.

Post describes what needs to be accomplished in order for the meeting programs to be finalized and printed for the Woman's Peace Party meeting.

Post describes Richards' political stance for World War I and her opinion of the press.

Post summarizes plans for distribution of the Woman's Peace Party Annual Meeting Program and what individuals should be listed as speakers.

Post updates Addams on the list of speakers for the Woman's Peace Party annual meeting.

Post mentions discussions of dissolving the Woman's Peace Party. Post explains her opposition to this idea. Post also briefly discusses her opinion of compulsory military training.

Post shares her opinion to Mead on the issue of political loyalty during wartime.

Post updates Mead and Spencer on the possible speakers for the Woman's Peace Party meeting.

Post discusses plans for the Annual Woman's Peace Party Meeting statement such as including a platform statement and loyalty pledge. Post also discusses potential organizational changes to the American Section of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Post requests for Karsten to update her on Addams' plans for the executive meeting.

Post sends Addams a copy of a letter she wrote to Anna Spencer and notes that she is recovering from an illness.

Post writes Spencer about the fallout from an controversial interview given by Robert LaFollette, Jr. which charged that George Creel was arranging peace speakers to appear for government programs.

Post writes Addams about her views on the disputes between the New York branches of the Woman's Peace Party.

Post relates to Addams an idea proposed by Jones, and explains why it was declined.

Post suggests to Addams that the Woman's Peace Party board meeting be postponed until December.

Post writes Addams, suggesting that the Woman's Peace Party hold its meeting and proposing dates.

Post drafts a telegram reply for Addams to the German women's appeal for food and relief.

Thacher informs Addams that the US Departments of State and Justice saw no issue in conferring with German women. She also discuss potential dates for the Women's Congress and obtaining passports to travel to the Congress.

Post gives Addams updates on the arrangements of the International Peace Congress, including another woman interested in attending.

Post suggests that Addams get her passport as soon as possible for the upcoming meeting and discusses delegates to the conference.

Post accepts the nomination as an alternate delegate of Andrews for the Committee of Five.

Post updates Addams on the international delegate situation and provides her with confidential information on plans to obtain passports for the upcoming peace conference.

Post asks Addams how she should get certification that she will be one of the five delegates, and for advice on how to proceed after the fact.

Post discusses her efforts to get a passport and recent correspondence.

Post discusses traveling to Europe with Addams, and worries that she might not be of much use.

Post tells Balch about the problems of obtaining passports to Europe.

Post explains the issues facing American efforts to bring relief for prisoners of war still held in the Soviet Union.

Post tells Addams know that Janet Richards cannot attend the International Congress of Women and recommends that they ask Margaret Haley.

Post writes Addams about the problem of the Odells and the inaccurate press following the United States Section of WILPF's Mass Meeting.

Post consults with Addams about how the United States Section of the WILPF should respond to inaccurate news coverage of their 1921 conference.
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