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Smith apologizes for Addams that she cannot be in Chicago when Lindsey's friend, Porter, will be visiting.

On behalf of Addams, Smith accepts King's invitation to Addams to attend Washington's birthday celebration at Oberlin College.

Smith writes DuBois to report that Jane Addams has been writing Robert W. DeForest and that she plans to attend the Atlanta Conference in 1908.

On behalf of Addams, Smith sends regrets that Addams is unable to attend her conference in Lake Placid, New York.

On behalf of Addams, Lucas writes to Dewey with regrets that Chicago Board of Education meetings will keep Addams from visiting Smith in Lake Placid, New York.

Smith writes a letter as Addams' secretary to Lindsey confirming dates for the Truancy Conference in Chicago.

Smith writes for Addams agreeing to lecture to Nestor's union on January 15.
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