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Lochner sends Karsten programs and resolutions adopted recently by a national conference of labor, socialist and radical organizations.

Addams calls for the public to join the peace movement, demonstrate public sentiment for peace, and attend a conference.

Addams tells Lochner how much she hopes he will get to share his thoughts during upcoming events and regrets that he cannot be present at the next peace meeting in New York.

The participants on Henry Ford's Peace Ship wish Addams well and hope that she will soon join them.

Schwimmer and Lochner hope that Addams will be well enough to join the Ford Peace Ship expedition.
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Addams and Lochner, retell the events of the International Congress of Women.
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Addams and Lochner retell the events of the International Congress of Women.
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Addams announces a public meeting in Amsterdam during which leaders of the International Congress of Women will discuss , noting public support for peace.

Addams retells the events of the day, April 29th, at the The Hague Convention. Issues Addams details include peace and arbitration for ending World War I.

Addams gives a recount of what is happening so far at the Hague Conference.
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