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Karstens relays Addams' sympathy on the death of Taussig's father and discusses steps to be taken for the peace movement.

Karsten sends Addams a telegram from the British Section of the International Congress of Women for Permanent Peace that now supports holding the International Congress of Women at The Hague.

Karsten tells Kellogg that he missed Addams in Chicago and suggests he meet her in New York.

Karsten tells Wald that in Addams' absence she is not sure whether she will agree to serve on the Catherine Breshkovsky Fund committee.

Karsten replies to Kellogg in relation to Addams attending a meeting of the Survey Board in Atlantic City.

Karsten replies to Ellery's previous letter to Addams regarding a review of the biography of Canon Barnett.

Karsten tells Levermore that she will have Addams respond to his letter on her return to the United States.

Karsten provides Balch updates on the Woman's Peace Party Committee of Five meeting.

Karsten thanks Morgan for her book of poems that she will keep until Addams returns from her travels.

Karsten suggests that Farley contact the Pennsylvania branch of the Woman's Peace Party for help with her petition.

Karsten tells Balch that Addams hopes that she will not resign from the American Committee of Five of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, and provides news of the peace movement.

Karsten tells Van Winkle that Addams will be in California until at least the first week in April.

A list of Addams's lectures for the Committee on Public Information in March.

Karsten tells Martin that Addams may not be able to speak at her campaign because of scheduling.

Karsten tells Levinson that she has sent his letter on to Addams.

Karsten tells Williams that Addams is upset over the bickering between the New York Woman's Peace Party groups and hopes that Williams will solve the matter by accepting the Honorary Chairman role.

Karsten tells Lane that she has asked Ruth Williams to accept the Honorary Chairmanship of the New York State Branch of the Woman's Peace Party and that she doesn't want to disturb Addams with the matter.

Karsten asks Baldwin not to use Addams's name with the Liberty Defense Union until she has agreed to have it used.

Karsten asks the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party for opinions regarding sending delegates to a postwar conference organized by the People's Council of America for Democracy and the Terms of Peace.

Karsten tells Van Winkle that Addams had to reschedule her lecture because of her brother's death.

Karsten tells Bestor that Addams's speaking schedule has been changed due to the death of her brother.

Karsten provides information on the meeting of the Woman's Peace Party Committee of Five.

Karsten thanks Leach for sending Addams an account of the New York branch of the Woman's Peace Party.

Karsten puts Alter in touch with the Woman's Peace Party branch that made a pledge to help the People's Council send James Maurer to Europe.

Addams's lectures in March 1918 in Louisiana, Texas and California.