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Gompers writes Addams regarding Ben Tillett's visit to Chicago and the prospect of Tillett delivering an address at Hull House.

Gompers writes regarding the American education system and its attitude towards children and labor. He requests that Addams send him any information relevant to the issue.

Gompers requests and article about child labor for the American Federationist, in order to gain public attention and sympathy.

Gompers thanks Addams for writing an article on child labor to be published in the American Federationist.

Gompers writes Addams to decline an invitation to participate in a conference.

Gompers writes Addams that he will not be attending a meeting with her in Chicago and will come at a different date.

Gompers reports to Addams that the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor has agreed to endorse the raising of industrial education and the teaching of improved techniques.

Gompers thanks Addams for sending him a copy of her address at a meeting of the National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education in Chicago.

Gompers lets Addams know that he received her letter about a man seeking aid from the AFL's legal department.

Gompers requests twelve copies of the program for constructive peace.

The American Federation of Labor will not be sending representatives to the Washington peace meeting because the Executive Council does not feel that the meeting is in line with the AFL's stance.

Gompers tells the Central Labor Union how the American Federation of Labor plans to act on Armistice Day.

Gompers asks Addams and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom to participate in the American Federation of Labor's Armistice Day plans.