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Gobat tells Addams about her visit with Carolyn Urie and plans for the summer school.

Gobat sends WILPF members a letter by Yella Hertzka suggesting that the League headquarters move to a less expensive city which would enable better collaboration with Eastern European activists.

Hertzka asks the WILPF Executive Committee to consider moving the International Headquarters from Geneva to a less expensive city in Eastern Europe.

Gobat asks WILPF members and sections to send statements on disarmament for use in the Washington Conference.

Gobat asks WILPF executive committee members for opinions on holding three WILPF Summer Schools for 1922.

Gobat tells Addams she has held two hotel rooms at the Metropole in Vienna.

Balch and other members of the International Committee of Women for a Permanent Peace send greetings to Addams.
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