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Balch tells Addams that the letter from Frederika Van Wulfften Palthe-Brose is not necessarily an official receipt.

Balch tells Hughes the circumstance of her making an erroneous statement about Austrian war debts.

WILPF's Executive Committee plans its activities and staffing for 1922-1923.

Balch invites the members of the WILPF Executive Committee to a meeting in Frieburg.

Balch tells Swanwick that they have moved the location of the Summer School and discusses staffing plans at the WILPF to cover her six month rest.

Balch sends Addams a receipt for her payment for Maison International postcards.

Balch sends Glucklich a letter with bank details about sending American funds to the WILPF office.

Balch sends Addams her letter to Nathan Shiverick apologizing for the delay in making corrections.
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Balch tells Addams that they have moved the WILPF Summer School to Lugano due to political issues in Italy and updates Addams on her health.

Balch sends a notice regarding the WILPF Summer school to WILPF secretaries and includes quotes from former student in Germany.

Balch sends Addams some letters received in Geneva.

Balch tells Addams about donations for relief and WILPF's summer school.

Addams and Balch tell WILPF friends that they have covered all expense of the International Congress of Women but could use some help covering the publication costs of the report.

Addams and Balch ask Lovett for financial help to cover the publication costs of the International Congress of Women proceedings.

Balch prepares an itemized list of resources and expenses for the WILPF.

Addams and Balch offer Glucklich and Ramondt a plan to organize WILPF finances and ask for their opinions.

Balch thanks Johnson for her artistic work for peace and discusses its importance in the larger program.

Balch suggests to Addams that printing the International Congress of Women proceedings in three volumes by language is better than one with all three languages.

Balch tells Glücklich that Addams believes that the WILPF membership drive should be run out of the Geneva office, not the United States.

Balch tells Mead about her meeting with the American Defense Society and discusses the divide between left and right positions within the WILPF.

Balch tells Drummond that the WILPF is keen to see woman suffrage recognized by the League of Nations.

Balch tells the Kaskia Chapter that WILPF's position ion disarmament has been misrepresented and hopes that even if they disagree, they are both working for the nation's best interests.

Balch tells Lewis that the attacks on WILPF she made are inaccurate.

Balch asks Addams for advice on how to print WILPF financial data in the report and how to deal with the accounting problem they had in 1923.

Balch tells Wickersham that Addams is busy with the peace activiries and sends him other contacts and notes Addams's statement on Japanese immigration.

Balch proposes that the United States loan France funds funds on the provision that it give up its occupation of the Rhineland.

Balch asks Addams her opinion on a proposal to have the United States loan France funds in return for ending its occupation of the Rhineland. .

Balch answers Puck's letter to Addams suggesting caution against working for mobilization against war.

Balch thanks Colcord for sending information about the World Court and wishes that they had it sooner to aid their resolution sent to President Harding.

Balch sends Collamore information about the accusations against the WILPF and chides her organization for releasing a press statement without doing any research.
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