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Salomon asks Addams for help and advice to keep her Berlin Social School open in devastating financial time.s.

Balch asks Addams's opinion about asking President Harding to offer mediation for the Turkish situation.
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Balch asks Heymann and Marshall for authorization to ask Addams to seek American support for mediation to prevent war in Turkey.

Peabody praises Addams's Peace and Bread in Time of War and her views on religion.

Addams wishes Pond a speedy recovery from his hospital stay.

Addams tells Hopkins that she has not abandoned her pacifist ideals as he charged in an editorial.

Addams tells Sinclair that she doesn't have any materials ready for his book on schools.
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Jones suggests that using charity and love is another option for dealing with Turkish aggression. This was published in August 12, 1922.

Lewis explains to Addams the errors that the WILPF United States made over the summer while she was ill.
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Kellogg sends Addams a report on the Survey's finances (not found).

Gl├╝cklich invited Addams to attend a conference at the Hague and thanks her for her support.
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