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Hyers thanks Holt for a copy of Percy MacKaye's work and asks for half a dozen more to be sold.

Addams thanks Culver for her donation to Hull House and updates her on the trade school.

Culbertson sends Addams good luck on her peace mission and praises her ability to do such important things.

Addams sends a letter to Ellery Sedgwick about her feelings on Miss Repplier and encloses her Carnegie address .

Addams discusses publication plans for Wales' Continuous Mediation pamphlet.
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Addams praises President Wilson on accomplishing many of the goals of the Progressive Party during his first term.

Addams apologizes for not answering Tuyle's letter due to Bowen's illness.

Addams asks Bryan whether Prof. Masaryk was executed as a result of refusing military service.

Addams thanks Speakman for her contribution to the suffrage fund.

Addams praises McCulloch's presentation and is being updated on events through Abbott and Breckinridge because she is caring for Bowen while she is ill.

Lathrop tells Addams that there was a demand to prepare a pamphlet regarding playgrounds in the District of Columbia.

Schwimmer tells Addams that she is on a peace mission from Europe with President Wilson and Bryan.

The company asks Jane Addams to write a short paragraph about the book The Precipice by Elia Wilkinson Peattie.

Ickes accepts Addams' suggestion for him to serve as a proxy for her in New York and includes instructions on how to remove Bowen's name from a ballot for a future election.

Addams has chosen Ickes to take her place in a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Progressive Party.

Addams informs Ickes that Bowen cannot run as a co-candidate in an upcoming meeting due to sudden illness.

Addams informs Ickes that Bowen is still too ill to receive any messages and she will not reconsider withdrawing from the race she was meant to participate in under the Progressive Party ticket.

Addams provides new instructions to Haldeman for how to contact her in Maine.

Addams updates Haldeman on Bowen's condition and reveals that she has continued to visit the hospital every day while Bowen is unwell. Kelley is also visiting Addams and will visit again when Haldeman travels to Maine.

Addams inform Ickes that Bowen must take herself out of the running for county commissioner because she is seriously ill.

Addams describes the trials of helping Bowen through an illness and the doctors that tended to her to Haldeman.

Addams did not receive an initial letter from Martin but promises to help in the future.

Taussig discusses the problems of a medical student who had asked Addams and others for assistance.

Breckinridge sends a letter to Addams regarding a young man seeking help to finish his education.

Ickes informs Addams that McDowell and Purvin are running on the Progressive ticket, and to ask her to wire him Bowen's consent to run as well.

Addams updates Wald on her personal life, and events in Smith's life as well.

Addams receives a letter from the Macmillan Company with a royalty statement enclosed.
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