Emily Greene Balch papers


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Addams invites Balch to visit her in Bar Harbor where they can catch up on peace activities.

Addams updates Balch on her travel plans in Boston and Bar Harbor and hope to see her.

Addams forwards Balch a telegram from Catt, asking Addams to accompany Jacobs to Washington.

Smith's note, written at the end of a letter by Addams, reveals that Addams is too ill to travel to New York, despite her hope to do so.

Addams discusses arranging a meeting for Balch with President Wilson and meetings between peace activists.

Addams discusses her meeting with President Wilson and suggests that Balch meet him as well.

Smith asks Balch for advice on how to respond to Schwimmer's plan to meet with President Wilson given that Wilson doesn't want to meet those from warring nations.

Addams asks Balch if she can write a article and if several other people can also write articles about the Hague.

Addams apologizes to Balch for missing her in Amsterdam then asks her to review The Survey. Addams includes a list of people she and Emily met in England.

Macmillan sends Addams word of Aletta Jacobs' arrival in New York and suggests that Addams travel with her to meet President Wilson.