Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs to Jane Addams, August 26, 1915


My dear Miss Addams,

I arrived yesterday and was very sorry to hear that you are ill. I hope you will soon be better and that in each case I shall have an opportunity to see you and have a talk with you before I return to Europe.

I have an important message. Our Government wants to know unofficially the attitude of Pres. Wilson concerning the Congress of neutral governments. Most of the 5 Europ. neutral governments want <[and]> the Dutch government should take the [incentive] to call the 5 Europ. neutrals together and that they together shall ask Pres. Wilson and other neutrals to join them. But our Government wants to know, before it takes any step in that direction, if perhaps Pres. Wilson likes to take the lead and if not, is willing to join the Europ. neutrals in sending representatives of the U.S. to such a conference. Our Premier, Cort v. d. Linden, believes that such a question should [page 2] be asked and answered in the same unofficial way as we got the other statements.

I am glad Miss Balch is willing to go with me to see the President. I got a letter <of introduction> to the Dutch ambassador and I shall try to get an interview secured through him. Do you like to see me before I go to Washington? I am willing to come to Maine, but if you perhaps will soon return, we can meet here or somewhere else. With my best wishes for your health and with my kindest greetings


Aletta H. Jacobs