Announcement of the Eighteenth Annual Competition for the Victor F. Lawson Medals, March 26, 1906

 Send names and home addresses of Prize Winners, and class of medals won, clearly and plainly written, to Victor F. Lawson, 123 Fifth Avenue, on or before Saturday, May 19. Unless this is done it will not be possible to properly engrave the medals, and so the full purpose of the donor will fail and the winners of medals will be disappointed.

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To Principals and Assistants of the High and Grammar Schools:

Principals and Assistants of the High Schools and Grammar Schools of the City of Chicago---including those in the annexed districts---are hereby notified that the Eighteenth Annual Competition for the Victor F. Lawson (CHICAGO DAILY NEWS) Medals for essays on American Patriotism will be conducted this year under substantially the same rules as those which governed former competitions.

Because of the larger increase in the number of schools eligible to this competition, the income from the original fund of $10,000, devoted by Mr. Lawson to the purpose, is now annually added to by Mr. Lawson to whatever extent may be necessary to provide the full number of medals needed in the competition. 

There are, therefore, the following prizes to be competed for:


One First Prize...SILVER MEDAL. | One Second Prize...Oxidized Silver Medal.


One First Prize...OXIDIZED SILVER MEDAL. | One Second Prize... BRONZE MEDAL.

Each principal will determine for his or her school all the details of this competition, subject to the following limitations:

1. The general theme of the essays is the subject of "American Patriotism" as illustrated in the lives of the individuals or in the events connected with the history of the American Republic.

2. The names and home addresses of the successful competitors, with the names of schools and class of medals won, must be furnished to Mr. Lawson by each principal on or before Saturday, May 19, so that the medals may be suitably engraved before presentation. Do not fail.

3. Principals will frame their own regulations as to the methods of making the awards; but it is suggested that the public announcement of the names of the successful competitors be deferred until the time of presentation, which should be on Commencement Day.

4. Copies (or originals) of the prize essays must be forwarded direct to the office of THE CHICAGO DAILY NEWSNo. 123 Fifth Avenue, on or before Saturday, May 26, 1906. 

5. A committee of prominent citizens of the district will be invited by the principal to be present at the awards in each school, and one or more of such citizens should be selected to make suitable addresses.

6. Competition is open to both sexes in eighth grade and high schools only.

Principals who receive this Circular-Letter are requested to communicate its contents to each of their teachers, and to take such other action as they may deem necessary to bring the terms of the competition intelligently before their pupils.

By order of the Committee on School Management:

Jane Addams
Cornelia B. de Bey
Edwin F. Rowland
Char. A. Plamondon
E C Dudley
John J. Hayes
Chas. O. Sethness
Anita McCormick Blaine
P. Shelly O'Ryan
Dr. Jas. F. Chvatal
Chicago, March 26, 1906.
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