Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, August 3, 1915


August 3, 1915

My dear Miss Balch: --

I am so sorry that all the people I asked to meet you missed you. Paul Kellogg telegraphed that you had arrived unannounced. I asked him to meet the St. Louis but evidently they did not expect such an early arrival. Did you get my telegram sent on Sunday and my letter sent in care of The Survey?

Miss Wald was going to try to make some arrangements for you to see Colonel House. He is at Manchester by the Sea so perhaps you could see him there. I landed on the 5th but did not see the President until the 21st although I waited around in the East all that time. In none of the foreign capitals did we have to wait more than five days, but such is life! I expect to come east the middle of August, certainly not later than the 15th. Possibly if we have a committee meeting in New York you could come down for that. I will send you at once the material we are working on for the resolutions, either one or a series as it turns out. I am getting this off at once to say "Welcome Home" and [page 2] to tell you how glad I am you are safely back. I hope we shall soon have a chance to clear our minds.

Always devotedly yours,

Jane Addams [signed]