Jane Addams to Zona Gale, July 29, 1915


July 29, 1915

My dear Miss Gale: --

I should be delighted to see the proof. It always gives me great pleasure to read what you write; I am in no way doing <writing> this from a feeling of duty but with a sense of great pleasure in store for me. It does seem most important that women should be able to formulate a sense of kindred, which certainly is sadly needed at this time.

It would be awfully nice if you could come down to Hull-House with the manuscript. My plans for Bar Harbor for this summer are so uncertain that I have not dared invite any guests, but I am hoping very much that it will be possible for you to come <if I can get there in Aug.>

Always faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Miss Zona Gale. <P.S. Please excuse a pupil stenographer.>

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