Emily Hobhouse to Jane Addams, April 22, 1915


Apr: 22. 15

c/o Sebasti & Co, 20 Piazza di Spagna

My Dear Miss Addams --

I have done all I could. I have tried the American Ambassador and the German Embassy to see if a permit could be got for The Hague overland -- but I have failed.

I feel as if I want to cry with trumpet tones that every blow we strike at our friends the Germans [reacts] upon ourselves, and every blow they give us [reacts] upon themselves. For the nations of the world are all <members of> one whole we, in especial, were knit together by inseparable ties long ages ago -- in the mighty womb of Nature -- brethren of one race. It cannot, must not be that our men should continue to kill each other -- as the wise mother calms her quarrelsome children, so must we women now come between the fighters and -- to use the old nursery language -- bid them "Kiss and be friends." When that simple act has been done it will be seen how little difference there is between us & we shall wonder what we have been fighting about!

[But] the struggle is mighty, and mighty too must be the Peace-Spirit that can overpower it. This I trust you will all evoke, as you [page 2] strike the first chord of the Prelude in the great Symphony of Peace -- That chord will be echoed in every heart that cannot reach The Hague -- for surely the world craves for Peace

Yours very sincerely

Emily Hobhouse [signed]

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