Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, October 16, 1914

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I had a wave of real homsesickness for you in Deadwood. Perhaps it was because I met an old friend of Jenny Dow's who had a very vivid way of telling of her charms, perhaps it was the mountains of white birch & pine  like Mt Desert. I didn't know [page 2] but I wanted you very much. I am having a fine time, I don't try to read much but in the most non resident manner talk to any one who wants to talk to me & get along with no friction some of the women are quite splendid.

It is nice to think of you as back in Chicago. Do be good to H. H. I hated to leave it [page 3] so soon, but I do believe that these big overflow meetings are worth while.

My love to the invalid. Do telegraph me to Reno Nevada how she stood the journey.

Always yrs J. A.

Oct 16" 1914

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