Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, September 21, 1914


Hulls Cove Maine
Sept 21" 1914

My dear Alice

I opened this letter from Dr [Ochsner], thinking that it might be something that needed to be telegraphed. I am very anxious to have a word from you but assume that all is going well in your various journeyings.

Alice Hamilton has been called to Washington, but I have written to [page 2] Miss Dewey who is in charge and I have also written to Sarah Hostetter. I have an appointment in New York on the 29th but will be in Chicago Oct 1st, certainly hope you have left for Kansas. Mary & I are without any guests for the moment and we miss you very much.

Mrs Bowen is improving [although] she has had a miserable three [page 3] days because they decided after all to sew up the old wound, and she has had a great deal of pain in consequence. My love to you, Dear, in which Mary joins me, and Good Luck for the radium treatment which I hope will be short.

Always your loving sister

J. A.