Ada Wells to Jane Addams, July 27, 1915

"For Humanity" [stamped]

Miss Jane Addams

Dear Madame,

I am again writing to you on a matter which you could publicly clear up for us in New Zealand.

Our papers here published in April, a garbled account of the International Women's Peace Congress held at The Hague. The meeting was reported to have broken up in disorder & <but> that apparently some few had stayed & formulated resolutions.

We here in the Peace Party know this to be fallacious but a letter to us on the subject would be printed as your (London?) interview [page 2] has been noticed by several of our papers.

Moreover [Roosevelt's] attack on you American Peace Women has also appeared. Perhaps you would not mind also replying to it. You see we feel we can claim the right of "answers" though our press is in the hands of the reactionaries.

Of course we trust that you may see your way, as we have before begged you, to "come over & help us." I have been asked to supplement our appeal by this note as we feel we might get a speedy answer to some of the fallacious statements made by the press to the public.

And now as I have been [page 3] already so bold in approaching you do you think Mr Bryan would give us a statement of his case? We feel that Education on the subject is so urgently needed that we must leave no stone unturned to show the reason of the faith of the Internationals.

I am,
dear Madame,
Yours Sincerely,

Ada Wells
131 Office Rd.
New Zealand

27/7/15 [page 4]

Mrs Ada Wells
131 Office Road
New Zealand.