Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, May 1, 1904


My dear Alice,

I have advised Stanley to sell his land for the same price that the others took and he is quite ready to do it when he becomes of age if the deed is made out he can sign it wherever he is, for he will probably be west on a ranch before the 21st of May. He has broken down more seriously than usual this Spring and he and John Kelley are going to try outdoor life at least for the summer. If possible I hope to make [page 2] an arrangement of a more permanent character afterwards for I am concerned that his health will only be established with some such conditions.

You could send the check to me and I will put it in the bank for him. I will send you his address as soon as he is settled. They will probably be on Stanley Mc Cormicks ranch in New Mexico. I hope very much that your heart trouble is better, are you coming to St Louis to the Federation? As I speak three times I shall have to be there [through] the entire session beginning May 18th. On the 9th of June the [page 3] University of Wisconsin gives me an Ll.D. and after that I go east for two weeks to Portland Maine where the Conference of Charities and Corrections is held so that I shall be here very little for the next two months. I shall be glad of the rest and change having had an unusually busy winter. I am grateful for your kind words about the children, it has been a long pull but not without its comforts and when Stanley is on his feet I shall be less lecturing. Marcet seems very well & happy, you ought to come in [page 4] for the play -- it is such an easy journey from Kansas City.

Always your loving sister

Jane Addams

May 1st 1904