Charles O. Boring to Jane Addams, September 10, 1901

CHICAGO, Monroe & Market Sts.
CHICAGO. Sept 10 1901

My dear Miss Addams

I wish to thank you for your gracious offer on behalf of the accused anarchists as reported in the press.

It takes faith and courage to face a deeply aroused public opinion in such an hour, and get it in just the hour when wise forbearance and true courage is most needed.

Would to God there were more who would dare the Just at such a time and not join in its general cry for vengeance.

May God spare us [illegible] injustices that followed the Haymarket event.

I am sure that [odd] episode did more to create and keep alive the spirit of revolt than anything else in modern times.

To me, there no more sure and awful prophecy of coming evil than the [widespread] desire for revenge now manifested.

Of course designing men who wish to hide their own misdeeds know how to make use of it. [page2]

Instance that on this morning [Times?] I believe "Prince Kropotkin is wanted by the police."

Could there be a more ridiculous utterance?

I know not know [Isaak] ↑or his associates↓ but I am very grateful that you could find the opportunity to put yourself on the side of mercy in their behalf.

   Sincerely yours

Charles O Boring