Jane Addams to Ada Lois James, December 12, 1911

December 12, 1911.

My dear Miss James:-

When I was in New York last week I was told at the National Suffrage headquarters that it might be necessary for someone to represent the National Executive Board at a meeting in Milwaukee, so that when I was called on the long distance telephone from Milwaukee on Saturday evening by Mrs. Wagner, I assumed that it would be through her that the arrangements would be made.  At any rate, she agreed to have the representatives of the different Wisconsin organizations meet in Milwaukee at four o'clock next Thursday.

A special delivery letter which I received from Mrs. Shaw the next day advised me to see you first before meeting the other representatives.  I have persuaded Mrs. McCulloch to come to Milwaukee with me.  Could we meet you at the Hotel Pfeister or some other central point early in the afternoon?  We would, of course, be unwilling not to have you at the meeting later, but if you could meet us it would be advantageous. 

May I ask you to telephone me if Thursday is an impossible date for you.  In that case I will try and induce Mrs. Wagner to call the people together later.

Sincerely yours,
Jane Addams [signed]
Miss Ada James
Richland Center, Wisconsin.