List of Leaders of Women Organizations who have affirmed the Crusade, May 11, 1915


List of leaders of Women Organizations who have affirmed the Crusade

Miss Llewelyn Davies Women Co-operation Guild
80,000. members who all follow her
Miss Mary Macarthur [Women] Trades Union Guild
110,000 members who all follow her lead
Miss Agnes Slack
Mrs Price Hughes
Lady Henry Somerset (too ill to work)
British Women Temperance [Association]
90,000 members [who all follow her lead]
Mrs Banister Fletcher
Mrs Eva McLaren
Miss Bertha Mason
Hon. Mrs [Indham]
[Women's] Liberal Association
100,000 members
Mrs Creighton (late archbishop's wife). [illegible] all governments on every sort of Commission as a level headed woman of good [brains]
President of the Nat. Union of Women Workers
Miss Margaret Ashton Committee of Manchester
Prominent member of Nat. Union of Women Suffrage Societies.
Mrs Gilbert Samuel Conservative & Unionist Women's Suffrage Societies.
Hon. Mrs William Cecil [Conservative & Unionist Women's Suffrage Societies].
Mrs George Cadbury
Hon Lady Barbour
Peace Societies
etc. etc. etc.