Contract between Jane Addams and Macmillan Company, 1911


I authorize The Macmillan Company to publish and sell a cheap issue or edition of THE SPIRIT OF YOUTH AND THE CITY STREETS in its Standard Library or series of cheap books issued under similar name, and I agree that all copies of such cheap editions sold by The Macmillan Company shall be free from the provisions of accounting as provided by the agreement for the publication of the book made and dated March 4/1909, and I agree that for the copies sold by The Macmillan Company of such cheap editions I will receive in full payment of my rights in such copies a royalty of five cents (5₵) a copy for each copy of such cheap editions sold; the amount of royalty paid to me as above to be in lieu of the royalty arrangements of the original agreement.

And statements are to be made at the usual times of accounting and payments due, if any, at the time provided for in the original agreement.




Dated at


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