Jane Addams to Clara Landsberg, July 4, [1905]


July 4 1905

P.S. My love to your mother.


Your first letter was blue and I was glad to get the second [although] I know how dreary a convalescence can be, worse than the actual illness I think. The bed room and bath room are both going on apace, and shortly the front door changes will be begun [although] I am sure that there will be enough left of the old house to be easily recognized. 

Hilda Satt does the door every evening for a stipend and runs the evening classes very well -- a number of teachers are still hanging on and it really goes very well. Some new young men are [page 2] here for the summer including Ned Brown and I find myself as usual regretting that I must go away July 20th for Dublin. Marcet did not pass in any thing but two Latin & 2 mathematics and one Latin but means to try in the fall -- ↑[although] I mean to dissuade her if possible in favor of Wellesley.↓

Margaret Kelley is here and is into Smith College for next year -- much to her surprise & joy. She has developed into a charming child.

We are in possession of a charming Greek baby 5 mos old presented to us by her distracted mother. I am sure that you would want her as much as I do, if you saw her.

Of course you are coming back in Sept & Oct. & we will begin our arrangement. Ys J. A.