Richard Theodore Ely to Jane Addams, October 13, 1906


October 13, 1906.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Miss Addams:--

I promised to write you a word or two [today] in regard to your book. My thought is that it may be helpful to call your attention to a few matters.

(1) You give a number of quotations, but you never give a reference with it ↑them↓. Would it not be well, at least in some of the cases, to mention the author and the article or book cited? This is generally regarded as more scholarly.

(2) In one place you speak about the "city" as enacting laws.  Naturally I changed that to the "state", as the regulations were state laws and not municipal ordinances.

(3) Generally speaking, I would say that you do not punctuate sufficiently.

(4) Very frequently the word "that" is repeated. You put in a parenthetical clause, and then you forget that you have already used the word "that" and repeat it. You find the word so frequently stricken out that a ↑this↓ mistake will be readily seen by you.

(5) Is "in our midst" good English? I used to hear in college that it was not,–-that is to say, in the way you use it. [page 2]

(6) In one place you say "as Mr. Wilcox has pointed out". This would seem certainly to be too vague and indefinite. Where has Mr. Wilcox said it, and who is he?

(7) You speak on page 82 of your manuscript of a minimum wage as guaranteed. Has any country by statute guaranteed a minimum wage? Probably you refer to the minimum wage for government employees. In that case, to avoid criticism, it will be well to speak more precisely.

Sincerely yours,


You use the word "illy". Certainly "ill" is preferable. I used to be told in college that one might as well say "welly" as "illy".

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