Jane Addams to Nina E. Allender, January 21, 1915


January 21, 1915

My dear Mrs. Allender:-

I think that the vice-presidents you have appointed and the list which you sent me can be confirmed in every case save Massachusetts. We have already appointed Mrs. Malcolm Forbes of Milton for Massachusetts. I have looked the list over very carefully and it seems possible to make the other appointments you suggest.

I am sorry about Massachusetts but perhaps you can explain to Mrs. Roberts that Mrs. Forbes was at the meeting and very active, etc.

In regard to the National plan of organization, I hoped that each state, and of course the District of Columbia, would be as free as possible in all local matters. Mrs. Mead, for instance, in Boston has suggested a New England office for the allied states there, and I should think that something of the same sort would be possible in Washington for the neighboring states and for the Disctrict itself.

I am inclined to be liberal as to names using "circle" or "branch" or anything else that seems to go, simply putting underneath <[names?]> the words "Affiliated with The Woman's Peace Party".

Would you object if I added [page 2] the names of a few more people to the Legislative Committee -- people living in different parts of the country who have special affiliations with Congress.

The names you sent me seem to me to be very good and we are grateful for every bit of organization which has already been made. I have telegraphed to Mrs. Rublee not to send us any more of the platforms. We will have them printed here with one of two minor corrections made by the Platform Committee. I will send you a copy as soon as they are finished.

Hastily yours,

Mrs. Nina E. Allender
Washington, D.C.