Jane Addams to Theodore Roosevelt, January 20, 1915


January 20, 1915.

My dear Col. Roosevelt,

It took a few days to find W.J. McCoy because of a difference in the street number. He is about seventy years old, has lived for four years at 3850 Wabash Avenue with an old Scotch couple who are apparently very kind to him. He is not able to pay his rent making but very little money by addressing envelopes. He is rather secretive, his landlord says, but he has never heard him mention having been a member of your regiment. It is barely possible we have not found the right man. He has been out twice when my envoy tried to find him but it does not seem likely that there would be two [McCoys] within a few doors of each other. I will investigate a little further and let you know if we discover anything more. I did not like to give the case to the charities to investigate and it is possible that my kindly young man has been dull about it [page 2] although he is both energetic and able.

I am sure I need not tell you that it is always a pleasure to be of service to you even in so slight a matter as this.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]

Hon. Theodore Roosevelt,
Oyster Bay,
New York.