Edward William Bok to Jane Addams, February 16, 1915



February 16. 1915

My dear Miss Addams:

Do you expect to be in Philadelphia or New York sometime during March or April? And could you then save for me an hour when I might have a talk with you? I am trying to do a series of "talks" for The Ladies' Home Journal, [illegible] something like interviews & yet on a somewhat higher plane in which I try to explain, in a popular way, the opinions of some of our leading workers. I would like very much to have a chance to do this with you if you would allow it: I asking the questions, you answering them, an expert stenographer taking everything down, & then composing the article out of the notes and submitting it to the one interviewed. I would like very much to get your views on several phases of the woman's movement, & it will give you a splendid chance to talk suffrage! May I? [page 2]

Another thing:

Your editorial "Need A Woman Feel Old at Fifty?" was very successful & most favorably commented on. Would you now write me another one: about 1000 to 1500 words on "The Unmarried Woman: Is She Better Fitted To Take Up Social Service Work?" There seems to be two opinions on this: the affirmative being that naturally, having no home-ties in the way of family, she is more foot-free & thus has more time; the negative, that no woman is fully-rounded in experience & feeling who is not married, and has had no <the> experience of give-and-take of married life, & therefore is not as fully qualified to deal with problems that touch domestic & children's questions & most of the social problems do. Of course we must take the ground of both women, the unmarried & the married, being equal as to intelligence and grasp of the needs of the day. You should be able to say something on this topic that would be interesting -- Will you?

I shall be here until the 27th: then back to Philadelphia -- [page 3]

Hoping that the winter has treated you well in health and experiences, believe me,

Very cordially yours

Edward Bok

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