Graham Taylor to Jane Addams January 8, 1915

January 8, 1915.
Miss Jane Addams,
800 S. Halsted Street,
Chicago, Illinois.

My dear Miss Addams: --

I was glad to report to the trustees present at the quarterly meeting yesterday that I secured the gift of $2,250 toward payment of the mortgage note of $4,500 on the Chicago Commons Annex, which unexpectedly fell due December 9. In order to comply with the conditions of this gift, that the note be taken up, Mr. McCulloch generously advanced the other half of the amount due, thus enabling me to cancel this last [encumbrance] against our property plant. Since then I have been able to refund $250 on Mr. McCulloch's loan, and propose to pay off the balance by installments of $100 or more, as any surplus of income from current expenditure can be spared.

I hardly think it is fair, however, that Mr. McCulloch should carry the whole burden of $2,000 thus considerately assumed by him. Of course, he does not know that I am writing of this to the other trustees. I am more than willing to share any part of the load, all of which I would have carried if he had not prevented me by insisting upon doing it himself. It is a great relief to be free from the drafts upon our slender income on the interest account. [page 2]

I also reported (2,366?) attendants upon the Christmas parties of the grouped classes and clubs, which were held almost every day and sometimes twice daily beginning December 11 and ending December 31. I wish you could have shared the holiday cheer of these charmingly simple, yet beautiful occasions.

Presenting at the parties only trifling little tokens of as nearly the same value as possible to each one, we reserved the gifts of food and clothing, which had been sent in from many suburban Sunday-Schools and friends in country places, to distribute privately in the homes of the neediest families. There were over 150 of these, so that our various holiday activities brightened the lives of over (2,600?) people at least, most of whom are depressed by unemployment.

Enough additional money was received in response to many of our personal appeals to cover all special holiday expenses. The economy and efficiency of this service are due to the long hours and personal devotion of the few permanent residents whose heaviest work of the year thus falls in the holidays, when the School residents have gone home for their holiday vacation.

I enclose my treasurer's statement for December.

Truly yours,

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