Jane Addams to Rosika Schwimmer, January 6, 1915


January 6, 1915

My dear Madame Schwimmer:

I cannot possibly let you off from the meeting!

The thing that finally convinced me that it ought to be called was your experience in Washington when you went to see Secretary Bryan the very day Mrs. Blatch and Mrs. Pethick Lawrence had called. You have played such a leading role in the inception of the meeting that you will have to "stand by" now.

What Mrs. Pethick Lawrence means by a militant peace movement is really an aggressive peace movement -- she, of course, doesn't mean militancy. It is an unfortunate phrase, but we all seem to drop into them.

Mrs. Wilmarth and I will be in New York for the night of Thursday the 7th. We shall be at the Belmont and I hope to see you then. Mrs. Catt knows about a meeting that evening. If you are engaged for the evening, won't you come and take [page 2] dinner with us about half-past six. I am not going to let you off that meeting!

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Madame Rosika Schwimmer
New York, N.Y.