Neena Hamilton Pringsheim, ca. December 1914

Mrs. Neena Hamilton Pringsheim
(Ph.D. Heidelberg)

has spent seven years in the study of Art at the Universities of Berlin, Halle, Munich and Heidelberg, Germany, in work in Florence, Italy, and in Paris, France. She is now prepared to give single lectures, or to conduct classes in the following courses:

I. The Italian Renaissance, its history and development.

Byzantine style -- Duocento -- Trecento -- Quattrocento -- Cinquecento.

A course covering school year, can be given in one to five hours a week.

II. Greek Art

From its beginning through the Fifth Century B.C.

A similar course to that on Italian Renaissance.

III. Art Interpretation as a Preparation for Travel

Ten Lectures: Italian Renaissance,

[Ten Lectures:] Flemish [Renaissance,]

Five [Lectures:] German [Renaissance,]

-- Germany -- [page 2]

IV. Single Lectures

Giotto, Fra Angelico, Botticelli, Andrea del Sarto, Leonardo, Michel Angelo, The Bellini, Titian, Rembrandt, Durer, Velasquez

The Acropolis, The Alhambra, The System of German University Education

Comments on Dr. Pringsheim's Work

In advanced research in the history of art, she has distinguished herself by exceptional talent and rare powers of understanding. Her knowledge is through and comprehensive. She combines with a clear historical view of art a highly cultivated aesthetic feeling. -- HENRY THODE, Privy Councilor and Head Professor of Art History at Heidelberg, Germany.

Of Dr. Pringsheim's book, "The Adoration of the Magi in Tuscan Painting" (published in the "Serie zur Kunst-Geschichte des Auslandes," in book form by Heitz & Mundel, Strassburg), Mr. BERNHARD BERENSON, Florence, Italy, writes: "I should be at a loss to name any other doctor's thesis on art I would place so high." [page 4]

We have before us "The Adoration of the Magi in Tuscan Painting." Few theses, surely, of such admirable scholarship, ripe tone and delicate appreciation are presented by women candidates for degrees, or even German professors would prefer them as pupils to all but a very few men. Miss Hamilton (Mrs. Pringsheim) betrays no less acquaintance with the new aesthetics than with the new connoisseurship. She gives evidence of a wealth of sympathies and an accuracy of information that many an older student, who has long since won his spurs, might envy. Our one and only fault with her volume is that it is in German. -- SATURDAY EVENING POST, New York City.

The speaker of the afternoon before the Association of Collegiate Alumnae was Dr. Neena Hamilton Pringsheim, who gave a lecture on the system of University education in Germany. Mrs. Pringsheim is one of the comparatively small number of American women who hold the doctor's degree from Heidelberg, and is unusually well informed as to the German system of education. She is a charming speaker and her address was listened to with keenest interest. -- SYRACUSE POST-STANDARD.


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