Jane Addams to Raymond Robins, December 28, 1914


December 28, 1914

My dear Mr. Robins: --

I am enclosing a letter from Miss Kellor which explains itself.

At the meeting in Chicago, postponing all consideration of the Progressive Service until the January meeting of the Executive Committee of the Party, I tried once more to resign to Mr. Perkins but he urged me to wait until this meeting.

He said that you were to be made State Chairman of Illinois and that when my resignation came in you would be put on the Executive Board. This is quite as it should be and is the only thing which will justify me in remaining on the Committee so long.

Will you please use the enclosed proxy at the meeting and will you also hand in my resignation for me which I am also enclosing. I am doing this instead of sending it directly to Mr. Perkins because I hope very much that the entire programme will go through as he outlined [page 2] it to me.

I wrote Mrs. Robins a few days ago in regard to a Peace Meeting which we are arranging to be held in Washington on January 10th. I hope very much indeed that it will be possible for her to attend.

With all good wishes to you both for the New Year, I am

Always faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Raymond Robins, Esq.,
Chicago, Illinois.