Lloyd Armstrong to Jane Addams, November 15, 1914

Walla Walla, Washington, U.S.A.
November 15, 1914
Jane Addams
Hull House

Dear Madam

The many efforts for peace during past and present wars lack the fundamentals for lasting peace and the reduction of armies and navies.

Rational adjustments necessary to the [wellbeing] of each of the countries involved must be agreed to before lasting peace will come. Otherwise wars will increase in frequency and destructiveness. Nations will not long submit without war to injustice arbitrarily inflicted upon them or to treaties they have made that hamper their trade or cause them other material misfortune. There is no nation in Europe but that is handicapped in some way by what other nations deny it and could grant without loss to themselves.

The time is coming when nations will be just to each other and not be dominated by unreasonable selfishness. Why not now? The men at the head of the nations are there to settle grave questions and pretend to have ability to do so. If they are not wise [enough], then they should abdicate in favor of those who are.

Stripped of the foolish reasons given by the nations for their participation in this war, ALL are responsible. This war is primarily for trade and trade routes. ... A lesser reason is the small countries formed as buffer states for military purposes and to hamper trade -- these will be a source of friction so long as they exist. ... Another reason is the alliances and ententes, unnatural and continually shifting. ... The diplomat is a creature of past customs and will promote wars until he is replaced by the business man. ... Another reason is the protectorates, possessions and the like, all [synonymous], in which the holding nations have advantages to which other nations will not long submit without war.

I am sending you on separate paper, suggestions for peace in the present war and hope that you will give them proper consideration and if you find anything of value in them, to act on them as your judgment dictates. Why not use your influence with your government and your influential friends in other governments to bring about an informal conference of themselves, that may end in official action?

Yours truly

Lloyd Armstrong [signed]

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