Emily Caroline Fitten MacDougald to Jane Addams, March 4, 1914


Atlanta Ga March the fourth.

Eighty-seven East Fifteenth Street

My dear Miss Addams: --

My letters have followed you every where & been returned to me. I feel I must say to you what I could not ask any one to say for me & it is this -- our need for you in Atlanta on the 11th inst. is really desperate. We are deeply appreciative of the great value of a visit from those glowing women who <will> come [on], but I am impelled to tell you, that you, alone, hold the key to the hearts & conviction of our men. They love & admire the great practical things you have done & they will attend, en masse to hear you speak. Just now, seems the psychological moment with Georgia & [we] have almost hourly thrills! It seems positively cruel to ask for a moment [page 2] of your short vacation but if you could only arrange to stop over & rest here a while, I will meet you at the train & bring you out to my house most comfortably & will not let you be disturbed a moment. You could decline the two social events we plan for the party if best for you. Only a few words at the [Theater] that night is all we would ask. I would be only too happy to have you stay in Atlanta several days & show you what a real nice climate we have to brace up one whose strength is so overtaxed as yours has been.

It is a critical time with us & the great interest in the meeting centers in you. If it is humanly possible, do come & I will personally take care of you!

The plan is to entertain our guests at the "Georgian Terrace." My daughter, Mrs Inman will have them to lunch at her house & in the afternoon a public reception will be held at the Georgian Terrace.

Most cordially, Emily C. MacDougald