T. Fisher Unwin to Jane Addams, January 26, 1914

T. Fisher Unwin,
1, Adelphi Terrace,

January 26, 1914

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House. Chicago. U.S.A.

Dear Madam,

I am venturing to write and enquire whether you have any literary work in hand for which you have not already made publishing arrangements, as I should very much like to be connected with your work as a Publisher.

I have published a number of books on social and women's questions, notably by Olive Schreiner, and Mrs. Perkins Gilman, etc. as you will see from the enclosed list I am sending you, and I am particularly interested in these subjects.

It is a pleasure to send you, under separate cover, my latest illustrated catalogue which will give you an idea of what I am issuing.

If there is anything in my suggestion, I hope I may have the pleasure of hearing from you,

Believe me,
Yours very truly,

T. Fisher Unwin [signed]

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