Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, May 6, 1913




My dear Alice

I am sending the postals from Baalbek and [Beirut], our last two places. We had a wonderful time with the missionaries at the latter place, the Syrian College has developed into a great educational center. Dr [Bliss] is still living in the midst of his family including a vigorous group of great grandchildren.

Mary and I met Mrs Bowen & Clara Landsberg here. We are [page 2] all going to Sicily in a few days and Mary & Clara sail for home June 21st when Mrs Bowen & I go north toward [Budapest] for the International Suffrage Convention. We sail June 25" on the Adriatic of the White Star Line.

All of the members of the party send their love to you and you know you always have that of your loving sister J. A.

May 6" 1913

P.S. It was very nice to find five letters here from you.