Wilhelm Müller to Jane Addams, August 9, 1913


Heppenheim, a. d. B. Aug. 9.th 1913

Dear Miss Addams,

I take the liberty of introducing myself to you by the enclosed press notices. You will see from them that I have the honor of calling myself your compatriot -- although but one of the kind that [Ex-president] Roosevelt has been pleased to style an "Americans with a hyphen."

By dint of circumstances I have been obliged to spend a number of years in Germany. During this time I have endeavored to do in a limited way as a freelance what the exchange professors accomplish officially on a broader basis. In accordance with my former work I have been writing articles on the educational and religious conditions and the social work of America. With regard to the latter I had come to the conclusion that I could not find a better and more representative specimen of the genuine American article than the various enterprises connected with Hull House, and recently I have treated them in an article and I take pleasure in making you a copy of it.

You will notice that I have availed myself freely of your admirable book "Twenty [page 2] Years at Hull House." If, indeed, I can claim any merit at all in the matter it will only be my earnest endeavor to write my sketch in readable German and select such phases of your life and such portions of your work as will appeal most readily to German readers.

I hope to be able to return to America next year. It is my intention then to visit Chicago and the Hull House. And if my sketch would tend to secure me the privilege of seeing what I have attempted to treat without ocular inspection I should feel highly gratified.

I am, dear Miss Addams, with the utmost respect and sincerest admiration

Yours very truly

Wm. Mueller

Ass. School [director] a. D.

Heppenheim a.d.B.

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