Laura Jane Forbes to Jane Addams, May 7, 1912

Seattle, May 7,/12
121. W. Smith St.

My dear [Miss] Addams:

Today's mail has just brought me your late book. How lovely in you to remember me! I thank you, knowing that nothing but real worth can slip from your pen. By the way as I [page 2] have not heard from you since forwarding, several weeks ago, the manuscript, referring to your father's family, I have been fearing it must, in some way, have annoyed you. If so, I am very, very sorry. I ought not to have presumed, even for a few moments, either upon your time or thought. Please pardon me, and kindly allow your sec. to return the manuscript as Marjorie is interested in keeping it. 

Out of the joy and beauty of God's great Northwest I am evermore

Your loving friend

Laura J. Forbes.

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