Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, July 15, 1913


July 15, 1913.

Dear Alice:-

I am enclosing a letter which explains itself.

I could not, of course, get any money for her; no one at this distance would be in the least likely to take the matter up. I have tried similar things many times and failed. As Miss Spradlin she has a very good letter from Judge [Johnston] of the Supreme Court of Kansas for her work as missionary in the Phillipines and India. She is a graduate of the State Normal School of Kansas, was a nurse with one of the Kansas regiments and also has a letter from Governor Stanley of Kansas.

I don't like to turn her on to you but I did tell her that I would send her letter on to you and that if possible you might be able to do something among her old friends in Kansas. She has sent me numerous documents about all these things, but it seems only fair to return them to her as she might want to use them in some other way.

In adding up the various cables that were sent, yours must have cost as nearly as I can find $3.70 and I am enclosing check for $4.00. If it is more do let me know. It seems a little hard to have to cable concerning your health to distracted relatives. I do hope that your weather is cooler. It has been very humid here the last few days but I am getting used to it.

Always affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

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