Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, July 12, 1913


July 12, 1913.

My dear Alice: --

I was awfully glad to get your letter this morning and to know that you had gotten through your journey so well. You did not, however, say that you had arranged for a bell from your bedside to the room upstairs and I hope very much that this is being put in. I think you ought to have that in any event and not relax your efforts to find someone to sleep in the room with you. Do let me know when you have made full arrangements.

I had a nice little visit with Flora at Freeport and quite a comfortable ride back to Chicago. I have been quite busy since I got back with accumulated committee meetings, etc. but am now getting through with them. I went out to see Miss Culver at Lake Forest yesterday afternoon and she asked most affectionately about you. Miss French was in bed as the result of an automobile accident but the Ewings and the rest of them were quite well and happy.

<It was awfully nice to see you and I am quite anticipating your visit in Sept. with impatience. Always yours loving sister J. Addams.>