Samuel McCune Lindsay to Frances Alice Kellor, October 17, 1913



Columbia University
in the City of New York
Department of Social Science.

October 17th, 1913.

Miss Frances A. Kellor
Chief of Progressive Service
Forty-second Street Building
New York City.

My dear Miss Kellor:

I have the honor to [submit] [illegible] duplicate, a statement of the conclusions reached by the Advisory Board of Experts to whom alternative policies were presented for their determination as to what represents the principles in detail which should be embodied in progressive legislation on this subject.

This memorandum represents part of the work which has been done for the Department of Social and Industrial Justice, in accordance with the plan as originally agreed upon and described more fully in my letter of July 17th to Mr. Paul U. Kellogg, Acting Chairman of the Department of Social and Industrial Justice.

I am submitting this partial report covering only the question of standards in order that you may take this up, both with the Department of Social and Industrial Justice and with the Legislative Committee at once, and thus enable the Legislative Committee to make its plans for the drafting work which will be necessary upon this topic. Subsequently, a report on the subject of workmen's compensation annotating these standards, with a statement of the provisions of existing workmen's compensation laws and the reasons of the Advisory Board for its decision on the more important questions of policy involved in fixing these standards, will be submitted.

Yours respectfully,

(Sd) Samuel McCune Lindsay.