Jane Addams to Theodore Roosevelt, November 20, 1912

Nov. 20, 1912

Colonel Theodore Roosevelt,
Oyster Bay.

Dear Colonel Roosevelt:-

I thank you very much for the enclosed sheet from Mr. Lee. I have no present plans which will take me to England, but I shall hope very much to have the pleasure some time of knowing Mr. Lee.

Miss Kellor tells me that a meeting is planned in New York for the twenty-sixth when we may hope to see you at Mr. Pinchot's. Perhaps I may have an opportunity to tell you then the tremendous impulse the campaign has given to social reform measures in which I have been interested for many years, but which have never before seemed to become so possible of fulfillment as at the present moment. I had never dared hope that written my life-time thousands of people would so eagerly participate in their discussion. I am sure you have been in a large measure responsible for this outcome, and I shall hope to have a moment to discuss the subject with you in New York.
Very sincerely yours,

Jane Addams.