Howard A. Kelley to Jane Addams, May 12, 1912



Dear Miss Addams: I dare not republish your article, anxious as I am to do so without verifying what you say about St. Augustine. I have tried to find the reference and I cannot. It seems to me so at variance with his godly life after he became a Xian that I cannot credit it without seeing with my own eyes. I have all his works here in the good old 16th Century Edition & will look it up if you will just [page 2] drop me a postal with reference. I am giving up my life (aside from my surgery, teaching & the necessary writings associated with my work) to the prostitution question. Tonight I talk in a Jewish Synagogue, last Sun. I spoke to a mass meeting of orthodox Jews. Tues. w'k we have a meeting of Jews and Xians! And so the work goes along as we fare towards the heavenly city the desire and the hope of us all.

very faithfully yours,

Howard A. Kelly

12 May 1912

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