Jane Addams to Ada Lois James, January 29, 1913


Jan. 29, 1913

My dear Miss James: --

I am awfully sorry that neither Mrs. Bowen nor myself can get away from Chicago next week. Mrs. Bowen is thick in the affairs of the Juvenile Court which is passing through a great crisis and feels that she cannot leave town. I am going abroad the middle of February and I have scarcely a single evening left before that time. I have delayed answering your letter trying to get someone who would do you valiant service. I really think the best possible person is Miss Grace Abbott who is Supt. of the Immigrants Protective League. She speaks very clearly and logically and always makes a fine impression on men. She lives at Hull-House and could always be reached here or if you telegraph me I will make arrangements for you. [page 2]

Mrs. McCulloch was not at home when I telephoned but her husband thinks she would be willing to go. She makes a splendid presentation as you know.

Among the available men Mr. [Hallinan] President of the Men's League speaks very well, but he is young and might not be very imposing before the Legislature. Brand Whitlock may be in Chicago for the 12th of February. He as you know makes a wonderful speech. Shall we try for him? My experience with Legislatures is that they really like best to have people from the State do the talking. However of that you will know better than I.

With sincere regret that I cannot come, I am

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]

P.S. I want to congratulate you upon the [illegible] at last.